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There is a Difference Between Taking a
Photograph, and
Making One


A native of Brooklyn, NY, Jack Turkel has been fascinated with photography since he was four years old. It was in high school, while using the schools’ 35mm camera, that he made the decision to embark on a career in photography. In college, Jack expanded his love of photography as a telecommunications major, and added skills in graphic design and video production. After graduating, Jack became employed as a lab technician and quickly advanced to managing the professional studio in Princeton, NJ.

After following the studio path for a decade, Jack accepted a position with a Fortune 150 pharmaceutical company to start up and manage an in-house photographic studio. In addition to producing product photography and portraits, Jack began to develop presentations for the executive staff, and designs for the marketing divisions. Very soon, every department would ask for Jack’s award-winning expertise.

Jack has enjoyed countless photo opportunities–from the top of Mt.Fuji, to the launch pad of NASA’s Space Shuttle along with hundreds of portraits, commercial photo shoots and a variety of interesting photographic scenarios.  These amazing experiences, along with Jack’s quest for unique and inspiring imagery, has led to the inception of jackjayDIGITAL.

Now, with  jackjayDIGITAL, he is able to offer a wide range of services in photography, graphic design, unique PowerPoint, branding and multi-media presentations.

Offering a wide range of services in photography, graphic design,
unique PowerPoint, branding, video marketing,
and multi-media presentations.