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There is a Difference Between Taking a
Photograph, and
Making One

Jack is one of those multi-talented people who can do whatever he says
he can do. He’s an excellent and gifted photographer, but he’s also a skilled
craftsman who knows how to manipulate PowerPoint and get exactly what you need.
You might think his talents end there, but then he’ll show you 12 more things he
can do quite well. I would recommend Jack very highly. Anything he says he can
do, he can do quite well. And I left out that part that he’s really a great guy,
nice person and true, loyal and dependable friend. But he’s all that, too.

I had the opportunity to work with Jack on several projects. He is a very
talented individual and an excellent Graphic Designer with a great eye for
details and composition, particularly through the lens of a camera. His
photographs always impressed me. It was a great pleasure to work with him and I
am certain he would be a valuable asset to any organization he works with.

I worked with Jack at BMS. He was acting in a photographer capacity, and also
did work with power point presentations. Jack always had a great attention to
detail. He was very eager to help in any way that he could, and always a
pleasure to work with. Even under tight deadlines he always kept his cool and
was professional. His photography is outstanding.

I had the pleasure of working with Jack on a recent photo shoot we conducted
at three of our facilities. His extreme attention to detail and accommodating
manner made a typically stressful situation a breeze. The photos turned out
beautifully and I would be happy to recommend Jack in a heartbeat.

Excellent work! Fast and Client oriented! A definitive Hire!

Jack is an excellent graphic designer and photographer, with many years
experience. Importantly – he is also a quality, well-rounded person with
outstanding character and Jack is a pleasure to be around. He is always ready to
help in a pinch. With today’s need for ever increasing productivity, having
someone with multiple skill sets is more crucial than ever and Jack blends his
skills seamlessly. If you’re looking for graphics or photography, reaching out
to Jack is worth your time.

Jack is a pleasure to work with. He is a wonder photographer with a keen eye
for expressing the clients ideas. That coupled with the design is a perfect mix
of creative talent.

I have worked with Jack on several projects and know first hand how talented
he is as a photographer and designer. He has a keen eye for detail, is
organized, reliable and is always professional. He knows how to interact with
people in order to get the shot he needs, and is also skilled in commercial
photography. I strongly recommend him.

Offering a wide range of services in photography, graphic design,
unique PowerPoint, branding, video marketing,
and multi-media presentations.